Student Resources

Updated 14 February 2018

Frequently Used Resources

Student Self-Advocacy

Guides on developing your self-advocacy skills can be found at the Access Project.

CSU Resources for Academic Support

Please refer to our handout for a full list of organizations (Word Download) providing support services for students with disabilities.  The following is a list of resources and workshops that we frequently recommend:

  • The Institute for Teaching and Learning (TILT): TILT's Learning Programs are designed to enhance students’ educational experiences by teaching academic skills, supporting work in courses, providing preparation for life after graduation, and offering enrichments that go beyond the classroom. Programs include: Arts & Sciences Tutoring, Academic and Study Skills Workshopsand Online Resources, Enrichment Programs, and Private Study Rooms. 
  • Academic Advancement Center (AAC) offers coaching and other academic support including tutoring for many lower division courses, study instruction strategies, career counseling, peer mentoring and leadership development. Students must meet specific criteria for services (low-income, first generation, or learning/physical disability). AAC provides study strategy handouts that many students find useful.   

Daisy Books

Curious about getting your books in a Daisy format?  Below are some companies that create textbooks in Daisy format.

Livescribe Pen

Other Assistive Technology Resources