Student Rights and Responsibilities

Updated 1 January 2014

The ATRC is Responsible for ensuring the:

  • Equipment is working
  • Accommodation is located in the appropriate location
  • Accommodation was provided in a timely manner, ideally less than 4 weeks
  • Student understands how to use the technology for their needs
  • Equipment is upgraded or modified to fit the students needs

Students are responsible for:

  • Contacting the ATRC to setup the initial appointment
  • Participating in an interview to identify their assistive technology needs
  • Participating in an assessment to determine the best assistive technology match
  • Participating in training sessions to learn how to use the assistive technology to complete their academic tasks
  • Updating the ATRC staff as their needs change, in order to change the desired location of assistive technology
  • Notifying the ATRC staff if there is a change in assistive technology needs based on course content
  • Contacting their academic advisers or instructors in advance of a new semester, if they anticipate needing an alternative format accommodation