Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Updated 1 January 2014

Reasonable Accommodations

Assistive Technology accommodations may be provided if deemed reasonable and do not place an undue hardship on the department. If the reasonable accommodation requires purchasing of new equipment, the recommendation will be forwarded to the employee's respective supervisor or unit/department head.

In situations where the recommendation is in question, the recommendation will be sent to the Office of Equal Opportunity for review and approval. This approval process should occur in a timely manner.

Acquisition of Recommended Assistive Technology

The individual employee's unit/department is responsible for purchase of the identified reasonable accommodation. The ATRC is responsible for providing the equipment vendor and information to the employee's unit/department. The ATRC will assist with installation upon request.

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans may be provided to the employee's unit/department by the ATRC. This may occur if equipment is available and there is not a foreseeable need for it in the given semester.

In cases where loans are provided, the recipient is legally responsible for all equipment directly loaned to them. This includes loss and replacement costs that may be caused by theft or damage.

The ATRC reserves the right to decide if equipment loans are possible for employees. Since much of the accommodation inventory is purchased via student tech fees, student loans will take priority and loans to employees will be made on an as-available basis.

Employee Training

The ATRC will train employees in the use of the recommended equipment when necessary. The ATRC will also provide training to personnel supporting the employee with a disability when appropriate. Training is limited to assistive technology.