Overview of Our Student Services

Updated 1 January 2014

The ATRC provides five main services to Colorado State University students who have a disability: Assessments, Accommodations, Training, Equipment Loans, and Resources.


The ATRC provides evaluations to determine a best match between the person, the environment, and the available assistive technology options.


The ATRC determines and recommends appropriate assistive technology accommodations. This can include software that can help read text books, take notes, organize thoughts, and write papers.


The ATRC provides training in the application of the assistive technology. We will teach you how to use and understand the benefits of any software or hardware that we recommend for your school work.

Equipment Loans

The ATRC provides assistive technology equipment loans to students. This can include ergonomic keyboards and mice, headsets, laptops computers, digital voice recorders, DAISY readers, Livescribe pens and more.


The ATRC provides access to assistive technology resources and information. These resources, both inside and outside the CSU community will enable you to fulfill your potential as a student.