Quickstart Guides

Mozilla Firefox

Updated 1 January 2014

Keystroke Outcome
Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PageDown Cycle through tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PageUp Cycle through tabs in reverse
Ctrl + (1-9) Switch tab corresponding to number
Ctrl + N New window
Ctrl + T New tab
Ctrl + L or Alt + D or F6 Switch focus to location bar
Ctrl + Enter Open location in new tab
Shift + Enter Open location in new window
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E Switch focus to search bar
Ctrl + O Open a local file
Ctrl + W Close tab or window (if there’s only one window open)
Ctrl + Shift + W Close Window
Ctrl + S Save page as a local file
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + F or F3 Find
Ctrl + G or F3 Find next…
Ctrl + Shift + G or Shift + F3 Find previous…
Ctrl + B or Ctrl + I Open bookmarks sidebar
Ctrl + H Opens history sidebar
Esc Stop loading page
Ctrl + R or F5 Reload
Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl F5 Reload current page; bypass cache
Ctrl + U View page source
Ctrl + D Bookmark current page
Ctrl + NumpadPlus or Ctrl + Equals (+/=) Increase text size
Ctrl + NumpadMinus or Ctrl + Minus Decrease text size
Ctrl + Numpad0 or Ctrl + 0 Default text size
Alt + Left or Backspace Back
Alt + Right or Shift + Backspace Forward
Alt  + Home Opens homepage
Ctrl + M Opens new message in integrated mail client
Ctrl + J Opens downloads dialog
F6 Switch to next frame. You must have selected something on the page already, e.g. by use of Tab.
Shift + F6 Previous frame
Apostrophe (‘) Find link as you type
Slash (/) Find text as you type