Students: Initiating Services with the ATRC

Updated 1 January 2014

Students are referred to the Assistive Technology Resource Center by Resources for Disabled Students and University Health Services. The Assistive Technology Resource Center must receive a copy of documentation of the disability, as required by ADA and Section 504.

Services are initiated as follows:

  1. Student is referred to ATRC services by Resources for Disabled Students or University Health Services.
  2. Student calls to setup an appointment with an ATRC staff member at 970-491-6258.
  3. Student brings the required documentation to the ATRC and participates in an initial interview with an ATRC staff member to determine potential strategies.
  4. Student participates in an assessment, in order to match assistive technology to their individual needs.
  5. Student is trained to use their chosen assistive technology in order to complete academic tasks. Training occurs in the student's desired location on campus.