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Please enjoy our Quckstart Guides. They will help you use many of our most common Assistive Technology tools.

Software Guides - PC

Software Guides - Mac

Hardware Guides

Operating System Built-In Accessibility

  • Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) Accessibility Built-Ins [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows 7 Speech Recognition [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows 7 Built-Ins [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows Vista Ease of Access Center [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows XP Built-In Accessibility [DOC, RTF, PDF]

Portable Technology

  • iOS7 Accessibility Features (2/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • iPhone, iPod, and iPad Apps (11/2012) [DOC, PDF]
  • How to Choose E-Books & E-Readers for Accessibility - 2014 (3/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • How to Choose an eReader - 2013 Devices (3/2013) [DOCX, PDF]

Downloading Your Electronic Textbooks

This guide is for CSU students who receive their textbooks in an electronic format created by Resources for Disabled Students (RDS).

  • Alternate Format Delivery (8/2013) [DOCX, PDF]

Computer Shortcut Keys

Changing Background Color

Miscellaneous Technology

  • Technology for Scotopic Sensitivity (2013) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Overview of Free Assistive Technology (2/2013) [DOC, PDF]

Creating Accessible Documents

  • Accessibility By Design A website for the CSU community with tips and resources on electronic accessibility.
  • Top Tips for Accessible Documents - Word, PPT & PDF (1/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • PowerPoint 2010 Presentations (10/2013) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Searchable Scanned PDFs (10/2013) [DOCX, PDF]
  • PDFs from Office 2010 (11/2013) [DOCX, PDF]

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