Quickstart Guides

Updated 16 June 2014

Please enjoy our Quickstart Guides. They will help you use many of our most common Assistive Technology tools.

PC Software Guides

Mac Software Guides

Hardware Guides

Operating System Built-In Accessibility

  • Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) Accessibility Built-Ins [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows 7 Speech Recognition [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows 7 Built-Ins [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows Vista Ease of Access Center [DOC, PDF]
  • Windows XP Built-In Accessibility [DOC, RTF, PDF]

Portable Technology

  • iOS7 Accessibility Features (2/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • iPhone, iPod, and iPad Apps (11/2012) [DOC, PDF]
  • How to Choose E-Books & E-Readers for Accessibility - 2014 (3/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • How to Choose an eReader (2013 Devices) [DOCX, PDF]

Downloading Your Electronic Textbooks

This guide is for CSU students who receive their textbooks in an electronic format created by Resources for Disabled Students (RDS).

  • Alternate Format Delivery (8/2013) [DOCX, PDF]

Computer Shortcut Keys

Changing Background Color

Miscellaneous Technology

  • Technology for Scotopic Sensitivity (2013) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Overview of Free Assistive Technology (2/2013) [DOC, PDF]

Creating Universally Designed Electronic Materials

  • Accessibility By Design - A CSU website with tutorials, tips and resources on universal design and electronic accessibility.

Office 2013 and Adobe Acrobat XI Accessibility

  • Creating Universally Designed Word 2013 Documents (5/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Creating Universally Designed PDFs with MS Office and Acrobat XI (6/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Creating Searchable Scanned PDFs with Acrobat XI (6/2014) [DOCX, PDF]

Office 2010 and Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility

  • Top Tips for Accessible Documents - Word, PPT & PDF (1/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Creating Universally Designed Word 2010 Documents (5/2014) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Creating Universally Designed PowerPoint 2010 Presentations (10/2013) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Creating Searchable Scanned PDFs with Acrobat X (10/2013) [DOCX, PDF]
  • Creating Accessible PDFs with Office 2010 and Acrobat X (11/2013) [DOCX, PDF]