Employees: Initiating Services with the ATRC

Updated 1 January 2014

Services are initiated as follows:

  1. Employees may be referred to the ATRC by their respective department or unit, or through self-referral.
  2. Employee sets up an appointment with an ATRC staff member. Call 970-491-6258 or email
  3. Employee brings the required documentation to the ATRC and participates in an initial interview with an ATRC staff member to determine potential assistive technology strategies.
  4. Employee participates in an assessment, in order to identify reasonable assistive technology accommodations to allow equal employment opportunity.
  5. Employee is trained to use their chosen assistive technology in order to complete work related tasks. Training occurs in the employee's desired setting on campus.
  6. The ATRC may loan equipment for a trial period, but the home department or unit is ultimately responsible for acquiring the recommended assistive technologies.