The ATRC at a Glance

Our Mission

The ATRC ensures equal access to technology and electronic information for CSU students and employees with disabilities.

Services include assistive technology assessments and training, as well as consultation and education regarding accessibility and universal design of mainstream and instructional technologies.

New Technology Available!

  1. Having trouble getting down notes in class? What if you could record lectures, categorize and type up key points, and refer back for the details later? Sonocent Audio Note software and app might be for you!

  2. Need help with brainstorming ideas and organizing your papers? Ask us about MindView! MindView is mind mapping software that is easy to use with powerful MS Office integration. It's also cloud-based, so you can use it from any computer using a browser.

Learn How to Make Course Materials that Work with a Variety of Technology

Visit our Accessibility By Design website for tips and tutorials on making electronic content that works well with assistive and mainstream technologies.

Student Services

Assistive Technology (AT) Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Accommodations
  • Training
  • Loans

AT Supports Academic Success

Come discover the latest tech tools to enhance your learning. Discover mobile apps, software & hardware that aid with:

  • Note-Taking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Studying
  • Time Management & Organization

Employee Services

Assistive Technology (AT) Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Recommendations on Accommodations
  • Training

Consultation & Education Services

The ATRC provides consultation and training in various areas, including:

  • Creating Accessible Course Materials
  • Website Accessibility Testing
  • Procurement (New Technology Evaluation)
  • Ergonomics, Usability & Accessibility of Computing Environments